We equip people to live out the fullness of god's call in their world. because people  matter.


Our ministries, systems and strategies are informed and shaped by our family and team values. They are:

family values

1. look for lonely people. (matthew 18:12 ESV)

Why? Loneliness is more than just an awkward social feeling. It makes people vulnerable, leading to actions that cause regret. 


2. Honor up, down and all around. (Romans 12:10 ESV)

Why? Mutual honor creates a life-giving environment wherein growth, creativity and life-change thrive.

3. For one as for everyone. (matthew 25:40 ESV)

Why? I may not be able to meet every need in my city, but I’m gonna meet as many as I can. I refuse to allow overwhelming need to paralyze me into inaction.

4. Carry them to Jesus. (Matthew 9:2 ESV)

Why? I’m not just bringing them to a church connect group or a church gathering. I’m bringing them to a miracle they didn’t even know that they could have.


1. People are our product. (matthew 21:43 ESV)

Why? People are the fruit of the Kingdom. Buildings, albums, books, programs and merch don’t have an afterlife. People do. Everything else is useful but peripheral.

2. Inconvenience is our way of life. (Matthew 26:41-42 ESV)

Why? Because Jesus was “inconvenienced” for us, to the point of death on a cross. We’ll gladly be inconvenienced in the service of our King.

3. We punch outside of our weight class. (john 14:12 ESV)

Why? The Holy Spirit empowers us to accomplish more than we ever could on our own. We’ll leverage the power of His Spirit for His Kingdom and for His Glory.


Why? Because details communicate value. We will prove our love for people by meticulously executing “the little things.”