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We are a House of Heritage.

We belive strongly that God is generational in nature. When describing this part of His character, we like to use this phrase: we stand on a platform built by those who went before us, building a platform for those who will come after us.  It is our sincere desire that God would move through us and beyond us into future generations. We have a responsibility to equip and to raise up the Church's next line of leaders. Right now.

Enter genesis|NEXT.

genesis|NEXT is an internship created to equip future church leaders. Our strategy is two-fold in nature: 1.) online bible college through our Team Church Network partners Champions Centre College to earn an Associates degree; and 2.) leveraging Genesis Church staff, programs and outreaches to gain practical, everyday ministry experience.  

Champions Centre College

Champions Centre College is a Leadership & Bible College that began in the heart of Pastor Kevin Gerald and launched out of Champions Centre in Tacoma, WA in 1998. Pastor Kevin’s desire was to combine a theologically sound program with practical and relevant leadership development. Studies prove that our strategy of combining knowledge with practical application enhances learning by ten times a traditional learning experience. Students graduate Champions Centre College with more than a head full of information, but with practical tools to effectively lead in life and ministry!

In partnering with Champions Centre College, genesis|NEXT interns will be gaining an Associates Degree in Ministry Leadership.

Genesis Church Internship

Through the internship element of genesis|NEXT, you will be working closely with Genesis Church staff and key volunteers. You will be observing and taking part in ministry at a very high level, affording you the opportunity to see ministry in action. If you have ever wondered what church leadership looks like day-in and day-out, this is your opportunity to find out.

What's the commitment?

Two of the biggest commitments in our lives, whether they're made to a person or to a process, are time and money. These two resources represent value; if we value something, we give our time and money to it. Let's break down what kind of commitment we're talking about when it comes to genesis|NEXT.


20-25 hours per week (including classes and internship)

financial commitment

Internship: $1,500 total for the whole year

Champions Centre College: variable depending upon how many credits are taken

Maximum financial commitment (internship and classes): $4,500 (+books) for the whole year

Who's got NEXT?

So what do you think? Are you interested in a life-changing experience? Do you have what it takes to raise your game to the NEXT level? Go ahead and click the button below to apply.